Great practical tips for travelling solo

The best tip on the list of 19 for travelling alone was to give a hefty tip to one of the first people who assist you in a hotel. In this article the concierge was tipped well on day one then gave help throughout the stay. The other great tip was the first thing to do when registering at your hotel is to pick up the hotel’s business card so that you always know the address and can show a cab driver if need be.


Grow your income in retirement

Some ways to make money over and above your salary include: Take a job in the sharing economy – think Uber or Lyft. Grab a weekend or part-time job to save an extra few bucks for retirement. Start a part-time business selling goods on Amazon or Ebay, or any other home business that you can do after work.  Rent out the spare bedroom on AirBnb to make a little extra income. Sell unused goods around the home on Craigslist or LetGo. more

Before you pay for financial advice

The New York Times has an enlightening article on what you should know and do before you pay for financial advice. The article is loaded with links such as information on the new consumer protection rule; 21 questions to ask your financial advisor, check their background as certified financial planners, learn about robo-advisers, there is also a complete list of links to begin your search for someone with expertise.