1940s style

The fur coat was a must have for any woman in the 1940s.  Here is a good site that gives a glimpse of the variety of furs available to women of all incomes.  These vintage 1940s fur coats are a find on ebay.


1940s earrings

1940s earrings.JPGDuring the 1940s there were specific outfits for time of day and each occasion. Here is a good site to take a look at each year’s fashion in the 1940s. A pair of 1940s earrings.

Flash from the Past

Vogue shows off the jewelry trends for spring/summer 2017.  Big, heavy earrings cover the ear and drop to the shoulder.  Art school earrings have geometric shapes, lines and materials. The single oversized earring drops down and sways on the décolletage. You’ll see arm cuffs, chokers and heavy imagination in design. Nothing is light everything seems to make a big statement as it did in the 1980s.

1980s large faux-gold earrings

1980s-large-faux-gold-earrings-21980s the decade of big – everything. The age of flaunting wealth.  Costume jewelry of heavy gold necklaces and very large faux-gold earrings defined the jewelry trends. We see many clip on earrings since large heavy oversized loops and large gold discs were too heavy for pierced ears.  Remember the large gold buttons on jackets and suits?  Accessories were designed to make a statement, demure was out.

Historians call the 1970s “pivot of change”

1970s coral tear drop.JPGThe 70s was about identity, personal expression and individuality. We wore tie dye shirts, midi skirts, bell bottoms; it was the hippie look with extremely bright colors. Jewelry accessories were chokers and natural handcrafted neck ornaments made from wood, shells, stones Indian beads and leather.  These handmade pieces replaced standard jewelry for the hippie. We were indifferent to trends.  After several years of homemade jewelry pearl earrings and gold-button earrings became popular. Here from the 1970s is a pair of Gold Angel Skin Coral Teardrop Earrings.