Why retired women often say no to remarriage

It could be that woman find their independence in living alone. Women tend to naturally cultivate friendships, easily share experiences to ward off loneliness and often create a web of support around themselves. In this study, women valued their independence, their strength in overcoming difficulties and their courage in creating a life of their own.


Women more the men move abroad

Economic concerns are a driving force for retired women living abroad. There is also the spirit of adventure especially in good health.  The longing for breaking away from old habits and patterns and becoming someone new is fitting for this generation of retirees and women are on the leading edge of moving outside the U.S.  read more

The gig economy works for retirees too

As a society we are not adapting to the new economy says Harvard Business Review: Job security no longer exists, and the good wages, generous benefits and secure retirement that used to be guaranteed with full-time employment are in decline or have disappeared… Business schools themselves are increasingly staffed with part-time adjunct faculty, yet their degrees are still designed to prepare students to be full-time employees in full-time jobs…

Social Security changes in 2017

The Social Security earnings limit for people age 65 and younger will increase from $15,720 in 2016 to $16,920 in 2017…once you turn age 66 Social Security payments are no longer withheld if you work and receive benefits at the same time and your payments will be increased to give you credit for any part of your benefit that was withheld in the past. Check out the 6 Social Security changes coming in 2017