What every woman should know about Social Security

Security can make a difference. Be informed. Take the time to understand how much income Social Security will provide for you. Almost 49% of all elderly unmarried females receiving Social Security benefits rely on Social Security for 90% or more of their income. The average annual Social Security income received by women 65 years and older is $12,587, compared with $16,590 for men. read more


Why Managing Your Tax Bracket in Retirement is Important

What you see in your retirement accounts is not what you will have to spend in retirement. Taxes will need to be paid on certain withdrawals, like those from traditional 401(k)s and IRAs. A mix of taxable and nontaxable income may help boost retirement income and manage your tax bracket….read more

How retirement planning is becoming a crisis

A very good Harvard Review article on investing and retirement.  The discussion is how major investment decisions are put in the hands of people who have very little if any financial expertise. Today, it is expected that individuals acquire the necessary expertise to wisely invest for their future. If not, and they can afford it, they outsource this work to a financial advisor which may prove an equally unwise choice.

Trends in aging open up business opportunities

The older population can be broken down as follows:

  • The “Young Old” 65-74.”The first wave of aging Baby Boomers who will reach full retirement age in 2011. For the next 20 years, 74 million Boomers will retire.“
  • The “Old” 74-84.
  • The “Oldest-Old” 85+. The growth rate of this segment is twice that of those 65 and over and almost 4-times that for the total population.

This article looks at the service business opportunities that the baby boomers will demand to age with a good quality of life. The size of the opportunity is large. read more