Did Your CPA get it Right Helping You Maximize Social Security Benefits?

Just like deciding on a Medicare package, applying for Social Security has long-term ramifications. There are 4 key concepts that will determine whether you get the maximum Social Security benefits. CPAs can help with the process but should advise on and need to know the following four concepts to help you make an informed decision. 1. There are several beneficiary categories, you need to know what filing status will yield the best long term benefits. 2. There are two rules that offset Social Security benefits, the government pension offset and the windfall elimination provision. 3. You can apply between 62-70 years of age; timing is a big decision that is often dependent on a financial situation. 4. Outliving benefits is a reality and we should all know about longevity protection strategies to safeguard our retirement income. Mary Ann (Mimi) Doucette is President of Doucette Medical Supply, Ltd. aka Doucette Medical Supply, LLC


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