True or False? The Average Home Equity of Medicare Beneficiaries is just over 10K

According to a new report by the health-care nonprofit, Kaiser Family Foundation, one in four Medicare recipients has less than $12,250 in home equity. While a small share of the Medicare population lives on relatively high incomes, most are of modest means, with half of the people on Medicare living on less than $23,500 in 2013.

The report cites how our income disparity distribution will affect Medicare beneficiaries well into 2030 with only a few ending up enjoying high equity and assets. This means as policy makers consider decreasing federal Medicare spending to meet the deficit, there are questions as to whether or not the next generation Medicare beneficiaries as whole, will be able to bear a larger share of costs. Mary Ann Doucette is President of Doucette Medical Supply, Ltd. aka Doucette Medical Supply, LLC


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