20-40 units in co-housing

Most co-housing communities start at the emotional-social level vs the architectural level. Everything matters from treading lightly on the land, positioning building for maximum community interaction. Often the houses face each other with sidewalks and open space with parking on the peripheral. Maintaining the privacy of home vs the sense of community and togetherness are keys to success. It is the balance between social time and alone time and respecting it that creates harmony and success.


IRA Withdrawal Rules

It is easier to find out how to invest your money through an IRA than it does on how much and when to withdraw money upon retirement. Let’s say you are 70 1/2 and with $100K in an IRA, according to the IRS your life expectancy is at 27.4 years. You would divide your IRA total $100K by 27.4 and have an amount of $3,650 that at some point during the year you would have to withdraw, this works out to about $305 per month.